Tuesday, January 31, 2012


What the hell is wrong with receptionists?????
I've called my surgeons office 4 times today.
First I was told there is an appointment on Thursday, so I moved my other appointments for school.
I call back and they seem to have given that appointment away.
But wait, then I get told they'll call me back, which doesn't happen. So I call them back.
They seem to have no idea what appointment I'm talking about, confuse me with another patient telling me something about my records being there. Tell me I already booked my appointment, and then realize they are talking to the wrong person.
Who the hell hires these people?
So I explain everything to her, and then she says okay, I'll go check with the girls. Hangs up on me.
I don't get a call back so I call after about an hour and a half and they are closed.
WHAT THE F#%@!!!!!!!

I'm going to call back tomorrow and if this persists I'm calling the director at my orthodontist clinic and having them call because they referred me to this surgeon.

I'm not the happiest person right now after spending all day trying to get an appointment with my surgeon and a surgery date.

I also found it pretty strange when my orthodontist, who is suppose to give me the okay for booking surgery asked me if I have a surgery date yet when I went in today.

I understand these places have a lot of patients, but I think someone who is having double jaw surgery has the right to get a straight answer about their appointment or at least a call back.

Worst customer service ever!!!!!


  1. I completely understand. My orthodontist's receptionist is TERRIBLE. One day she told me to come in at 12 after I called in for an emergency appointment and when I got there she said, "Wait, we have an opening at 2." And she expected me to wait for two hours! These women don't understand that we are not just patients waiting around to get our teeth fixed..we have lives and responsibilities.

  2. Ugh I swear they're so horrible. Thank God my orthodontist staff is fast.
    I got through to my surgeon and she booked me a consultation for surgery in April!!!!
    I'm suppose to have surgery in April! Ugh
    Hope you have better luck with the timeline than I'm having.

  3. Oh my god terra!! This is so ridiculous it made me cross just reading it!
    I think the orthodontists and surgeons don't communicate very well for one thing, I completely could relate when you said your orthodontist asked you if you had a date yet... my orthodontist didn't even know I'd have my wisdom teeth out until the other day which was ages after! You have to be so pro active and just basically organise everything yourself.. I had to ring up about when I was ever going to have my wisdom teeth out because I hadn't heard anything about it for months and whenever I asked my orthodontist she jsut said it didn't have anything to do with her. When I rang up, my surgeon had actually forgotton about my case completely and lost my record card and had to make a new one!! Thankfully they put me to the top of the waiting list then though:) I'm sure everything will work out just keep ringing and being persistent!

  4. Rosa, its actually shocking how little coordination there is between the surgeons and the orthodontists!!! No one ever has a clue whats going on. If I had known it would be such a pain at this point I would have called months ago to bring up the issue of having a surgery appointment in time.
    My orthodontist didnt know about my wisdom teeth either until he looked in my mouth and they weren't there anymore lol I also had to be the one to do all the planning for getting them out, the orthodontist was just sort of like, "Okay well i guess you can get them out now, or in a couple months, or something....????" So I just called and made an appointment right away,
    Hope your journey is going well and that you get an ideal surgery date.