Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Good news/ Bad news, how about neutral news?

So I finally got through to my surgeons office this morning.
They booked me a pre surgery consultation for APRIL!!!

Okay so the plan was to have surgery in april, but now we are saying May which is fine.
But if I can't book a date until my appointment in April, then I'm not getting a surgery date this May, maybe not even this year. And someone is going to be hearing it from me, thats for sure.

I just feel really pissed because I've been waiting a year to book this surgery and my orthodontist kept reassuring me I'd get a date for April when we originally planned on the surgery.

Well I'm also on a waiting list for any appointments that open up so all I can ask is that everyone just hope that I get a call soon.
I just really don't want to have to take time off school for surgery, and that might be the case at this point.

This is just so frustrating.


  1. Hi Terra,

    I don't know how it works in Canada with your healthcare, but I called the surgical coordinator to set my date, the surgeon didn't decide it. I had an appointment with my surgeon to talk about surgery, but the coordinator was the one who scheduled it. She didn't even mention my appointment with my surgeon, she just said "What time are you looking to schedule?". Maybe if you can get in touch with them, explain you are on a tight time schedule and have an appointment already to discuss surgery, they might be able to schedule you tentatively in May. Good luck with everything! Hoping for good news for you!

  2. That's such BS! Why aren't all of our OD's aware of this (or rather care)? Instead of waiting until we are totally ready, they should maybe stop and consider, hmmmm you'll most likely be ready in 6 months - why don't you get something on the books w/the surgeon. Unbelievable. Terra, it seems you are now one of many who is not waiting on her teeth, but waiting on the stupid schedule. Ugg. After reading your post last night, I actually had a dream that I was going in to meet with my surgeon, but the receptionist kept taking me to the wrong room and I kept missing him. I hope you get a cancellation. I have an ortho appt today and I am definitely going to bring up this concern. Good luck, I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

  3. @ Nikki: That would be amazing! I'm going to try calling again and see if thats a possibility. I think knowing my surgeon, that he wants to see for himself that I'm ready before he books me in, which sucks. I don't understand why my orthodontist can't just call him and say that I'm surgery ready himself. UGh. Either way I'm going to try doing what you did and I'll be making some calls tomorrow.

    @ Amanda: Yes we go from waiting for braces, to waiting for our teeth to move, to waiting for a surgery date. So much waiting. I just wish there was more coordination so that we didn't have to do all the work. I'm really sorry for being the cause of your nightmare. I've started to have the jaw surgery nightmares too!!! ahhhh I keep having nightmares where I am waiting for the surgeon to come and he doesnt come, or i go in and its the wrong surgeon and the wrong hospital. Its all so weird!!