Tuesday, February 21, 2012

JAW SURGERY DATE, and some other crap

Okay so this appointment didn't go as planned. It turns out that my top teeth should have been orthodontically positioned differently (well left in an open position). At this point my surgeon cannot do surgery on the top jaw. Therefore, I will be going back to the orthodontist to have my bite reopened and I have a surgery date set for October 5th, 2012.
I'll make a longer post when I have more time.
I'm not impressed, but I'll just let it be. At this point theres nothing anyone can do to fix this issue fast enough to have surgery sooner.


  1. Terra, darn it! I'm really sorry to hear this news. I know you are in a lot of pain. This has to be very frustrating (beyond frustrating, really). Keeping you in my thoughts that everything works out okay!

  2. Oh Terra, I'm so sorry to hear that! It's incredible how much lack of communication there is between our surgeons and orthodontists. You must be so disappointed. You've come so far though, your time will come.

  3. Hey doll, just saw your update and I knew you probably were down since you were looking forward to getting the surgery this summer! What is up with your orthodontist, is he on MARS? I'd be very upset with this lack of communication, he shouldnt be moving things as he wants but as the surgeon wants... Im sorry but on the bright side you finally have A SURGERY DATE!! It just gives you more time to take care of 'other things'... I know we all want surgery done and over with tomorrow if the option be, but it will come, it will come. We will probably have our surgeries around the same time, Im expected around Sept/Oct this year ! Many hugs xo

  4. Grr that's so frustrating! Im so disappointed for you! Hope you get some good news soon x