Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finally something to say.

Hey guys.
So I uploaded a new video on youtube yesterday and I was feeling awful.
Its been so stressful lately. And I keep getting this fear that I'm not going to get a surgery date for this May.
Anyway, I finally got around to emailing my Orthodontist. I wasn't sure if I should call them or email him directly or what to do. So I sent him an email and he actually got back to me last night.
He said he's going to try to get me bumped up on the waiting list.

I guess he funnels a lot of work to them since its a super busy office. At any given moment it seems like there are 7 other people in chairs so I guess a small portion of those people get sent to my surgeon for one thing or another.

This is the same surgeon who did my wisdom teeth and he is probably one of the best here in Toronto. His surgery results are also very ideal and he has an extremely low relapse rate. I understand that along with that its very hard to get an appointment with him, but I've been told all along that I'll have a surgery date this spring so I just want to know that I actually will.

Being a full time student there are very few times I can take the time to recover since I don't really get any time between terms or over the breaks. I pretty much always have work to do in my program.
My mom is also flying in from australia for the surgery and she needs to be able to schedule the time and book her flight so having a surgery date so close to when we are planning surgery would be a huge help.

I'll respond to all my wonderful youtube comments later on today.
I really appreciate everyones kind words so much.

This process really does give you more than you bargain for, its extremely emotional and really tests your patiences.

I started this process 10 years ago, actually 11 years ago, on and off, and deciding to have my jaw surgically corrected was a very big decision. Anyone going into this should really think about it and make sure they are ready and that they have a great support group. A two year process is a very very long time.

I honestly admire all of you who got through this, and I appreciate all the blogs and videos out there of other peoples journeys. So many of you have been so nice to me and offered so much advice and information.

If anyone from Toronto is at the beginning stage and looking for an orthodontist, send me a message. My orthodontist has been amazing, and my smile has never looked so good, even if this is pre surgery.

I'm going to try to add some more informative info to my site when I get a chance and also add some awesome links I've come across.
The blogs I have posted on the sidebar are awesome. I haven't gotten all of them up there yet, but check them out because the more info you find the more assured you will feel.

Well my lecture is starting now.

Thanks everyone for being so awesome :)



  1. Hey Terra, I just watched your latest youtube video, and I can honestly relate to everything you have been feeling. I had mentally planned for my surgery to be this semester at the latest, so when I found out that my surgery isn't until the summer, it took a lot of readjusting. I find it most difficult because what consumes my mind is living my life normally after surgery. When I go to sleep at night, all I can think about is how easier my life will be after this process is over. It is definitely a test of the strength of our patience.
    I hope you don't feel that alone though! I think starting this blog and connecting to others who fully understand this process has taken away that alone feeling for me.
    It is such a roller coaster, and I'm sure you'll climb back up again! I'm sending you my positive vibes so that you'll hopefully get your surgery date in May! Take care!!

  2. Hey Max,
    You're right, this blogging community has been such a huge help. I can't even imagine what it would be like without it, not having a clue what to expect. I just wish they would be more honest and realistic about our surgery dates. I keep hearing from people that their surgeries were put off for a few months to a year. I guess I just hoped it wouldn't happen to me.
    We're human beings too so its hard for us to plan our lives around this.
    Thanks so much for being so sweet.