Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines day, and one week until I see my surgeon :D

Hey everyone!!
Hope everyone had a good valentines day.
I had midterms up until the 13th so it was a good day regardless of what was to happen.
I saw a possum at school in the morning and that in itself made my day.
I'm horribly addicted to animals and go into a little school girl panic whenever I see anything fluffy.
My poor little doggies are constantly smothered with affection.
Well anyway I got lots of nice stuff for valentines day.
My bf was amazing, got me my favourite flowers, snap dragons. (Yes because they remind me of fluffy animals.) He also got me this little panda that is perfect for this pearl necklace I have and was wearing yesterday but has always seemed too plain for my liking. Pandas are super special to me because I call my dog Tommy a panda, he has similar colouring so I always refer to him as my little panda bear.
Anyway its super cute and I loveeee it!!!
He also bought me enough chocolate to last a lifetime.
I think I may die from chocolate overload.
I have this thing where I buy him tons of candy every holiday so I guess he got me good this time.
I did restock his candy supply with more candy.

We went to a japanese restaurant that doesnt sell any meat, which was nice, but I usually stick to my usual food, with chewing always being an issue. I loveeee pad thai and I've noticed over the months that it takes me forever to chew through the noodles. My bf is a veryyyyy slow eater, and last time we had thai I took twice as long as him to eat. I usually finish my food before everyone, so this was new to me.

Well it was a lovely day and now I have to go read a novel for my humanities course. I'm on reading week next week!!! yayyy
I can't wait!!!! I believe that does mean I'm halfway through the term!!!
Oh so close to being done this year :D
On that note, I'll update next week after my appointment.
Sorry this was all totally unrelated to my jaws, well except for the chewing part.


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  1. You are the sweetest girl, so it doesnt surprise me you got TONS of chocolate and goodies, Im glad your valentines day was beautiful. Cant wait for your next update. What are you studying for?

    Suzie x