Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My surgeon called today and they moved my appointment up two days. UGh
They try to sound like they're doing me a favour but its only because my surgeon isnt in the day I was booked to see him in april.
Still hoping I get a call soon with an earlier appointment. I'm pretty much willing to go at any time at this point since I really want to have a surgery date set.
My family has been sort of passive about my upcoming surgery, but now that its getting closer and I actually have the okay for surgery they seem more concerned about me getting a surgery date as scheduled.

My mom will be flying in from Australia for a few weeks and I would also like to give her the heads up so she can book a flight and schedule work around my surgery.

I will be sure to update the moment I find out more.

Thanks so much for the comments guys. I'm going to call my orthodontist tomorrow and try to get them to pull some strings, they seem to have more power than me. The coordinator over there got me an appointment within a couple weeks last year when I went for my first consultation.

I also have an exchange interview on friday, but at this point I'm not really concerned with exchange. My number one priority is to get my jaw fixed and get it done right, so I don't want to rush out of braces so that I can go overseas.

Well I start midterms in a couple days so that should occupy me and keep me from thinking about whats going on with this surgery.

On a good note, I feel a ton of pressure in my lower teeth where those couple gaps are, so hoping those gaps close up, they're really the only thing we're waiting on right now so thats good news.

Thanks so much for all the support :



  1. Hia Terra,
    I'd just like to thank you for all your kind words throughout my treatment. You have been so lovely to me. I'm very excited to follow you through surgery and your recovery- not long now! I just know everything will go smoothly and you will be so happy with your results. x

  2. Hi Terra! I found your blog before when I first started looking up jaw surgeries. I was suppose to get surgery at 16 and didn't, we half assed the braces and now at 27 I want to get it fixed. I have open bite, cross bite, class 3 malloculsion. BLAH.. I have my first consult with the oral surgeon in two weeks. I'm glad you have a blog on this. I'm thinking if I do go forward with it all I'm going to do a blog for it. Thanks for putting it all out there for others to read!

  3. @ Catherine: Thanks :). I honestly loved following your journey. Its so motivating seeing how wonderful everything worked out for you.

    @ Jenn: Wow you sound like me!! I've honestly had almost the exact same thing happen. I had the option to have surgery around 15 but I opted out, and went with braces. I hope you feel motivated and inspired by all the great blogs out there pertaining to jaw surgery. It took me a really long time to warm up to the idea so I totally understand where you are at night now. Let me know what you decide, I'd love to hear about it.