Friday, February 24, 2012

The art of waiting

I decided to print screen my countdowns I use on the forum
As it appears, I am 10 months into braces, and 7 months away from jaw surgery.
At least I'm more than halfway there.

I have been fighting this week with the nightmares and the anxiety of having my surgery dates all changed on me once again.
The thing that is so important in this process, which I have discovered, is that nothing moves fast.
Nothing is for certain, and you pretty much have to give a couple years up to the professionals to come up with what they think should be done when.

I have been trying to gather myself, put this behind me, and just be patient until October when I will certainly be having surgery. (lets hope)
I called my orthodontists office today to see if they received my surgeons letter but they have not, which isn't surprising to me. I also asked about having my appointment pushed up, but they are closing next week and are fully booked past when my appointment is set and therefore I have to wait until March 13 (I think) to see my orthodontist. I'm going to call ahead of time and make sure they have the letter, because otherwise theres not much point, what they're doing right now isn't what my surgeon wants.

I have been on reading week this week, which is a good time to process everything.
I was hoping to get a lot more work done but have had this frustration in the way.
Today I am going to stay in and do research for a paper I have due next week, I'll be working on that over the weekend as well.

I need to take the time to sit down and decide what to do with the rest of my year.
Initially I planned to take the entire summer off and do a full course load in the fall. A lot of people in my program don't take a full course load because it means studying 24/7, its very intensive, but now as it turns out, I'm going to try to divide the load over the summer and fall and try to have all my fall midterms pushed to the finals and that way I can stay home and heal for a month as suggested before returning in november.
Well at least I get lots of time to spend with my doggies, which as you can all tell, I'm pretty obsessed with.
Tommy and Pookie are older, around 10-11 right now, so they've become a lot calmer in their senior ways than how they used to be. They like to just chill out with me as I study, and enjoying spending an hour circling the same tree over and over again at the park.

Theres something about older dogs that make them so loveable. I wouldn't ever get a puppy, unless it really needed a home. I really look forward to adopting more older dogs in the future and giving a dog a second chance at having a good life.

As for an update on my fishy girl. I got a Betta fish last weekend. She's so cute, and very active. I've going to try to care for her perfectly. Right now she has a little tank and a couple plants, but I will probably upgrade her to a decent size tank in the future, although she's a very tiny fish.

I'm still looking for an animal charity to donate my revenue sharing to. I'll have to do some research on that.....

Well now I'm just rambling. I'm going to check my email later today and get back to everyone, but first to my research.

Hope everyone is having a great friday, and a happy weekend :D


  1. HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS... I know your frustrated and upset, but mistakes happen and you just need to be ontop of your ortho and surgeon like HOUND them and make sure they are communicating every month or so, I cant believe you didnt express your disappointment to both or either parties Im sure my mouth would have run off... Anyways just chill lady, it will happen, who knows if your teeth move fast enough you might be ready sooner! Keeping you in my thoughts

  2. I am sorry to hear that everything is not going as planned!! I know that it sucks, I had to play the waiting game for awhile too, but believe me, in the end it is so worth all of this crap that you have to go through. So I wish you the best of luck with all of the jaw drama and I really hope that they are able to get everything surgery ready as soon as possible!