Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Take a look at this post surgery video

Therichbeauty on youtube
CLICK the link above to see the video.

I really wanted to share this video. This girl is so sweet and after watching her videos I was so surprised that what happened to her after jaw surgery could even happen. It's very rare, as she explains but from the video you can see that she has been left with exposed bone due to the incisions not healing as they should on one side of her mouth. I think its important to take the time to watch these videos, although it is very rare, in the slight case that something like this happens to you. This way you can become educated on what she did and what has worked thus far for her.

Hope everyone is doing well.



  1. oh my gosh this is so shocking, I never knew this could happen it's really freaked me out! We just have to remember that things like this are so rare and that it's worth it to go it, even though it has risks, as it'll have so many positive implications on our lives. We have to be brave! xx

  2. arrghh I can't stop thinking about this it's so scary. and actually I know she said it was rare, but she said 4 people in Australia had this happen- that seems like quite a few considering!! I can't believe she still thought the surgery had been worth it.. I think having protuding jaw bone is far worse than having an underbite! poor girl, she must be so strong to stay so positive threw the whole thing.

  3. Hey Rosa, Pleaseeee don't let it discourage you. At first I was like whatttt!!!??? that can even happen? But considering it is very rare I guess a lot of stuff could happen but it usually doesn't. I tried to ask her if they can do gum grafting over it but she didn't answer. I know regularly with receding gums they take some skin from the roof of your mouth and graft over the area. I guess the good thing is that it is high enough that you can't really see it when she talks or smiles.
    I think the best preventative step is to be very healthy both before and after surgery, meaning having a good diet of clean foods and excellent oral hygiene. Since it is a case of a wound not healing properly this could be because of lack of Oxygen like she said. You see this occur in smokers where they have lack of circulation, and in the presence of toxins. I'm going to probably be close to raw vegan before the surgery to assure that I am healthy, along with supplements I take.
    I feel really bad for her though, no one would expect that to happen, and to not be warned is sort of an error on the surgeons part.

  4. There are some horror stories but like you said it is very rare for this to happen. All surgeries carry risk and only you can make the decision about what's right for you. I'm sure everyone around you will support you whatever you decide. Thinking of you. Cat x