Monday, March 12, 2012

Orthodontist tomorrow, and being very very tireddddd

Hey guys!
Just wanted to stop in and say that I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow!!!!
I'm pretty happy because this is my first time seeing him since booking my surgery.
I forgot to call and check if they got my surgeons letter. Its just they close so damn early that whenever I call theres no one there.
Well anyway, I'm going to go see him tomorrow.
I was hoping to just stay home and study and head straight there since I have one lecture and its a movie.
Anyway I can't do that now because I have a group project and these people haven't done anything yet, our presentation is next week, so I need to get there and push them into shape.
Anyway I'll be stuck at school all day as my appointment is around 3. I guess I'll be bringing a lot of text books.

I'm so damn tired!!!! I'm taking this elective that is just so useless but requires so much work.
I feel no motivation to work on this course, I just want to study for my exams!!!
Anyway, I'm done classes in 3 weeks, and I'm done finals in 5 or 6. Something like that.

After that time I should have more time to do stuff for myself, like run.
Unfortunately my doctor is telling me to take it easy since I've been having pain in my knee cap, weird thing is I haven't been running. I have this spot at the top of my knee that is really sore to the touch.
Well I guess I'll take it day by day.

Excuse me while I fall asleep next to my dog in attempt to get this stupid presentation outline done.
I'll be posting tomorrow!

I'm thinking of shaving the side of my head when I get the braces off. 
Everyone I know thinks I'm crazy, but I LOVE the way it looks. 
Weird thing is I never see anyone around here with this hairstyle :(


  1. Hey you! Yay ortho appointment tomorrow!!Please update, and I just had mine and blogged about hahahaha EPIC FAIL.

    Nooooo the hipsters got you too, lol, I dont know if hipster is something diff in Canada than it is here in the states, but hun I am adamant about the fact that 'you are NOT a hipster' lol...

    The Skrillex haircut is very cool, I dont think most could pull it off, but with a pretty face I think anything goes...

    Everything feels like its in slow motion, and I want nothing more than to push the fast forward button, talk to you here or there :)

  2. Oh Terry, don't shave the side of your head! You will love it for a week or a month or 6 months, and you will hate every moment of trying to grow it back! It DOES look awesome, but can you imagine it being 2-3 inches long, trying to grow it back? I can't imagine you want to cut ALL of your hair to that length! Think about it for a while :) Sorry I have been so MIA in your comments, I HAVE been reading, I promise :)

  3. terraa I loved this post it was so funny!! The hipster photo is hilarious I just based an art project on subcultures and stereotypes and for part of it I dressed myself up as loads of different labels, including hipster:) It was the best fun!! I had similar massive glasses
    I don't think your crazy for wanting that hairstyle I think it looks really cool!! I have a friend who has it and it looks amazing:) I think it would really suit you! Ellie Goulding has it as well, also I think it would be a really symbolic thing to do once you've got to the other side of all the surgery stufff xoxo