Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The longest assignment of my life

In an attempt to not go crazy, I am just making a post. I need to take myself away from this book for a moment and not go on pinterest where I will never stop pinning things. 
I'm finishing a paper that is currently close to 50 pages double spaced and still isn't done. Yes 50 pages!!!!!!!

What a way to get back into things after having a kidney infection. 
Anyway I thought I would share. 
And here are some pictures of me in all my nerdy glory. Yes I wear earplugs when I do work. 

I recorded a video but didn't get to upload it yet. Hopefully tomorrow or friday I'll have it up. 
and I'll try to take some proper pictures of my bite to show how it has changed. 

Nighty night all


  1. YOU ARE SO CUTE!!! Nice glasses, hahaha good luck on your paper, just keep cracking at it till its done. Talk to you soon :)

  2. I'm just about finished my 1st year of uni and my longest assignment has been 2500 words. I'll have this to come in the future, I feel for you! Hang in there :)