Sunday, March 18, 2012

Video Delay

I usually post a youtube video with every update for my youtube viewers, but I have been very lazy.
Actually its a combination.
School is busy and I did get around to recording videos for a group project that will be uploaded on my youtube. I also had to change my fishes tank since her water went all weird. and this thing and that thing, etc etc.

Anyway my teeth are very sore. I don't really know if anything moved, or if anything should be moving that fast, but my orthodontist did say that the opening part would be the easiest and much faster.
Well I'm in this one elastic and it hurts!!! My teeth all feel loose.

Oh and exchange, yes I'm trying to figure that out.
Thank you everyone for all the great comments. I get them all sent to my email which is on my phone so most of the time I read them all but can't respond over my phone.

I'll update soon when I figure more out and when I finally upload a video.

<3 Terra

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