Friday, March 16, 2012

I got Accepted!!!!!!

Hey guys,
so a few months ago a blogged about how I applied for exchange at the University of Western Sydney.
I got accepted, out of tons of people who applied, they chose me.

As much as I want to scream with joy, I most likely have to deny the opportunity.

When I applied my surgery was suppose to be this spring. But when I saw my surgeon a couple weeks ago he moved it to October. I would have to leave in January, and according to my surgeon and orthodontist, it would be ideal to stick around for at least a few months while everything fuses back together.

I don't really know what to do because I feel like I so need this.
Everything has been crazy and hectic here, I've been stressed out and depressed all the time, and no one seems to care of understand (Well except for you wonderful bloggers)

I feel like a lot of people don't get what I'm going through and they take it as me just being overly emotional. To be honest, I so want to get the hell out of here.

What to do , what to do, what to do.......


  1. Terra, if it were me, I'd go for it. You'll have three months at home before going to Australia. Maybe you could research surgeons in Sydney and see if you can find anyone who could see you if something came up.

    It sounds like a great opportunity, and you might be able to work something out. In the end, you'll need to do what's best for your overall health, but I hope you can go! It sounds wonderful. Congrats!!

  2. Terra, GO!
    I studied for a semester in Australia and it was absolutely the best decision I have ever made (even more so than having surgery). I had the time of my life and learned SO much about myself.

    3 months should be enough time for you to tackle both the surgery and your exchange program. I'm with Ellie, do your research and find a surgeon in Aus if there is an emergency situation. After 3 months, I was seeing my surgeon maybe once a month or less. 3 months really is where things fully turn around.

    Don't walk away from the opportunity to study in another country. I really think you will regret it.

  3. Terra - definitely do it! My semester studying abroad in England was a life changing event and one that brought many life long, cherished memories. I agree 3 months is plenty of time to stick around after the surgery to make sure things are "in place." Today is my 3 month anniversary of surgery and I've been back to work since 1 month post op, and although I had some complications requiring a second surgery about a month ago, I feel great now! GO FOR IT!!!! And congratulations!!!

  4. If you want to take the opportunity, take it! I live in South-West Sydney, and I am sure a surgeon and/or orthodontist here could take over your treatment. My orthodontist's website is here if you want to think about it. Talk to your doctors, and see what they are willing to do. :)
    The office location probably won't be convenient for you (it is 3 blocks away from my office so I go before or after work to appointments) but it is a starting point. Our medical system, including dental, is pretty good.

    Good luck with the decision making. I wouldn't know what to do either I assure you. xox

  5. Congratulations on getting accepted! That is really exciting. :) I think you should try and go. I know what you mean about being stressed and just wanting to get away from it all. I might need surgery for my jaw. I was told a couple years ago but I freaked and didn't pursue it any further. Now I am actually moving forward with it, but it still scares me! If I didn't have my husband to support me I know I wouldn't do it.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

    As for my hair... My husband bleached and dyed it for me. We used the Manic Panic bleach kit and dyed it with Manic Panic Ultra Violet. It was supposed to be purple! It is deff teal now, but I really like it!

  6. Oh my gosh Terra our lives seem to be wierdly similar!! My orthodontist has been saying to me I'd most likely have surgery in July, but yesterday I had an appointment with the surgeon and hes said the earliest will be September. And guess what, I can't believe it, I also want to go to Australia at the end of this year/early next year but the surgeon told me I'd have to wait at least 6 months after surgery to go! I'm so annoyed because it'll mean I'll have way less time there than I wanted. Do you think we can transfer orthodontists to one in Australia? Because my surgeon said I'd be out of his care within 2 months so after that surely it's just orthodontic and anyone could do it?? I just want to go to Australia as soon as possible!
    I so know what you mean about people not really understanding this whole thing. I feel like my friends and family get realy bored of me blahing on about it all the time! xx

  7. Oh Terra, you should go. What a fabulous opportunity! I know you want everything to be settled with your jaw before you go - I TOTALLY get that - but it would be a shame to let the opportunity go. By the 3 month point you should be recovered enough to travel, and with some pre-planning you could get an ortho in Australia to take over your care while you're there.


  8. Hey Tara! That's so exciting that you got accepted to UWS!!! And yes!! I agree with all other bloggers on here in saying you must come to SYDNEY! What a fantastic opportunity :)

    Are you studying at the Parramatta Campus? Just so you know, my Surgeon, Dr Mckellar is one of the top Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons in Australia and frequently jets off overseas to perform his surgeries. He is widely recognised with the industry both here in Australia and internationally. He's located in Westmead, which is the suburb right next to Parramatta :) Maybe you could get in to see him for all your update check ups.

    Let me know If I can assist any further, happy to help :)

    Huge Congrats!