Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So I saw the orthodontist today.
Actually its a long story.

I called my orthos office to see if they got the letter from my surgeon about the changes to my bite and how he wants my bite open. I called and it's been weeks but they still didn't get the letter. The receptionist told me to come in anyway, but i felt bummed out.
So I called my by and after him hearing me over and over talk about how discouraged I've become, he wanted to call them, and just get some answers.
He called my orthodontist and actually got my orthodontist himself to call him. He ended up reaching my surgeon and getting the letter before I went in.
I got in and I got the nicest assistant ever, coincidence? lolol
Anyway she was great, she kept commenting on how clean my teeth are and how great my alignment is.
My orthodontist came and he was really nice about everything, he sat down with me and told me my options, which was pretty much the same thing the surgeon said.

  1. Do just the lower jaw and chin. 
  2. Re-open the bite and do the upper, lower, and chin. 
So I said the same thing I said to my surgeon, I can't breathe through my nose because my pallet is so high, I can't fit my tongue in the roof of my mouth, so I still tongue thrust and mouth breathe. Etc etc. And of course the retrognathic upper jaw that is causing all this. 

So I told my orthodontist to reopen the bite because I want to do double jaw surgery. He agreed and said it was the best idea and would give the best outcome. My surgeon thinks is a good opportunity to work on my nose and improve my breathing. I notice my nose is a little off to one side, the septum looks like its off to the right so I can't breathe through that side at all. Anyway, I'll ask my surgeon when I see him next if he's going to fix that. 

So this appointment went very well. My orthodontist put a bend in my wires so my bite will open, he said this shouldn't take long. He also has me in elastics to bring my top jaw back more so there will be more room for movement during surgery, he said something about fixing the top midline which is probably part of why the elastics are in as well. 
I'll try to do a video soon, I was just so dead today, sooooo tired. 
Maybe I'll do one tonight, we'll see. 
Anyway I'm going back in May and he said I could very well be ready at that point with my open bite. 
Surgery is still scheduled for October 5th. 

I also saw my doctor and I'm booked to see her beginning of September, and go for bloodwork. 
I'll have to go to the hospital for more blood work around the same week. 

Anyway enough for now. 
Gnight all


  1. Hooray!!! Sounds like your on track, I hope everything this point forward goes according to plan, overcommunicate & do everything you can ! Catch up with you later, take care :o)

  2. That sounds great! I am glad to hear that you are still going through with both jaws after the setback, it sounds like it will give the best results all around. And II hope everything works out for you sooner rather than later. It sounds like everything will be moving along and your surgery will be here before you know it.

  3. Glad to hear everything is going good and you were able get everything squared away with your OD and OS! You'll be ready before you know it!