Monday, February 20, 2012

Family day and Surgeon appointment tomorrow

So its a long weekend but I'm off this weekend.
Haven't spent much time on the computer so I'm going to read my emails and respond later tonight.
Its beautiful today
2 degrees out, which is warm for Canada.
Took the boys to the park.
I also got a new pet. A betta fish named Sadie. Shes very active, I think she's very happy in her new home. She's been very busy exploring her little aquarium and swimming through the plastic plants.
My dogs had a lovely day and now they're both passed out.

I'm going to the surgeon tomorrow, pretty excited but just going to wait and see what happens.
I've been having more vivid dreams about jaw surgery, I usually forget the details, but they're happening more often now.
I'll add some pictures.
I'm going to make a video tomorrow and explain what happens at the surgeons, easier than all this typing, and most people just watch my youtube videos and don't check my blog.


  1. Way to cute!!! I love how dogs just love fresh air!

  2. Hi, I am thinking about getting braces to fix my teeth and I also have tmj. I am in the process of looking for orthodonists and facial surgeons. I was wondering what the names of your orthodonist and surgeon are.