Friday, June 1, 2012

New hair, new eyebrows, new workout plan

Lets see, where do I start

How about with the jaw. My TMJ is killing me, today was a really bad day for that. My head has been pounding all day long. As I wrote last time, I'm going in on Monday so I'll update about that next week.

Secondly, I joined a new gym as my old one got up and left in the night. I really like this gym though and as part of my registration I had a fitness evaluation and a plan made.
Surprisingly my body fat is much lower than I thought it was, it's only 20%, I thought it was 26% but that is good news. I'm therefore within the athletic range. I'd like to be at 18% though.
I wanted to start out a more intense plan but because school is so busy and my surgery could possibly be moved up I'm doing a personalized plan for the next while. Probably 4 days a week but it sounds good.

Also, I finally got my hair somewhat where I want it colour wise. I have naturally blackish hair and eyebrows and its really hard to go light without going red. Well I found my perfect colour and its light brown with lots of blonde sections. It's very ashy and I love it. I bleached my eyebrows to match and I love that too.

Other than that, I've heard too much bad news today. There is a warrant out for a crazy kitten killing, man cutting up and mailing body parts of an exchange student to parliament, crazy porn star out on the loose, and they don't know where he is. Of course he was born in my city and could be here or anywhere. It's really creepy and I think I'll sleep with my windows closed tonight.

Anyway I'm going to go take a chill pill and study.
Later guys!!


  1. Tara, would love to see pics of your new hair color! And yah that's crazy about that porn star who killed some poor guy and mailed his body parts. Please stay safe!!

    1. I'll try to upload some decent pictures soon. I love this colour.
      I'm never leaving my house again lol
      there was a shooting here yesterday to add onto of all the crazy stuff going on up here.

  2. oooh your hair sounds so gorgeous! and I can't believe you have naturally black eyebrows, I would have never expeceted! I have black eyebrows too and that always stops me from going too light.. How do you bleach yours? Do you have to do it regularly?
    I'm thinking about getting highlights at the moment:) for summer!
    That guy sounds terriyfing I always get so scared too if I here things like that. But I'm sure you'll be finee:) It's just so horrible to think that people like that exist! xx

    1. Hey Rosa! the bleaching is actually very easy. I get a brand called jolen at the drug store, but you can use any brand of bleach for facial hair, its the same bleach people use to bleach their moustache. The thing is it gets light very fast, so after a few minutes you can take it off and your eyebrows will be a bit lighter. I'll send you a video on facebook about it that I found really useful.