Sunday, June 24, 2012

Terra M.I.A.

Hey guys,
Sorry i have been gone for a while.
Life caught up with me, and I also got caught up with WOW, therefore I have been gone.

Anyway nothing really changed. My bite looks the same, feels the same.
I have to call my surgeon and see if he sent anything to my ortho or if he plans to because I'm going in on thursday and I had moulds done a month ago.

No news is pretty good news in terms of my life.
I feel happier because i'm not stressed.
I'm looking forward to next weekend. Driving to Quebec on fridays since my brother wants to bring his girlfriend a tv (she lives there). Sunday is Canada day so we are going to Cobourg like we did last year.

It's funny because the less I think about jaw surgery the less nervous I get.
This weekend I was showing my boyfriend some before and after pictures andI started to get nervous again, and right away he's like "I knew we shouldn't be looking at this stuff, it gets you thinking about your surgery"

I think it's around 100 days away now which is just over 3 months. I don't think my bite is ready but i'm no orthodontist. To be honest I'm getting really nervous about my pre op stuff in 2 months. The surgery itself doesnt make me nervous because I'll be ZzzzzZZZzz the whole time and won't know whats going on. Plus my mom will be here and shes awesome.

Oh I sort of went blonde...

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