Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And the list goes on and on

Take a look at the space that has appeared over the past few years. I have always had permanent retainers and I had braces about 9 years ago.

So it is nearing the day that I go for my first orthodontic appointment in 8 years maybe. It's been a long long time.
this is how my holistic pain management is going so far lol:

I have discovered that sleeping with a pillow under my jaw, so keep it from falling to the side makes a huge difference with the neck pain.

I don't know what this has to do with it but my tongue doesn't rest nicely in my mouth, probably explains why I happen to sit with it between my teeth when I'm concentrating. People may think this is funny and amusing, but its really out of my control unless I'm constantly aware of this.

I have given up on the heating pad, its actually become a good cuddle buddy for Mr Fluffy, he likes to sleep next to insanely hot objects despite the fact that he is covered in fur.

Yeah so thats that, other than that I have always been gifted with abnormally large tonsils and limited airway when breathing through my nose. I did you go to a specialist for this, who scared the shit out of me and made me avoid the issue to this date. He was really to the point and decided to ignore the fact that I had sleep apnea and would wake up in the middle of the night not being able to breathe. When I say I couldn't breathe, it was like there was no air going in or coming out and no matter how hard I tried it wouldn't help. It only lasted maybe 10-20 seconds from what I remember, but it was scary as hell. I did go for a sleep study in which I didn't sleep at all because I was not only hooked up to 30 wires, but it was also freezing in the room. It was August! Thats just some more medical history to add to the list of things that just didn't go right.
Story of my life.

I think now that I'm older, 24, but still older than I was when I was a teenager dealing with these issues the first time around, I'm more prepared to face them.

I can't wait to create some positive blogs, with all the good stuff to come, and all the changes that will make everything much better.

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  1. I also have an underbite, and I had abnormally large tonsils as a child - so large, in fact, that I had them removed when I was six. Is the large tonsils/small airways/underbite profile a common combination, I wonder? I've always been a terrible runner, and I often wonder if that's because I simply can't rely on breathing through my nose to get enough air.
    I also wonder what the odds are that I will pass these horrible genes on to my children...