Friday, February 18, 2011

Pre consultation update

Hey readers

So I wanted to just post a little more information up until this week to help clarify why after so many years I am considering correcting my bite.

After having my braces off,my open bite was not as severe as it has become, my front teeth actually touched but I still had no overbite at all. I have always had speech issues due to my bite but I tried harder and harder to talk in a way where it wasn't as obvious. Over the years I noticed little changes that were so gradual it was hard to connect them to my jaw. These are basically the changes:

My front teeth no longer touched at all and this progressed all the way to my back teeth
I started getting a lot of pressure in my teeth
I started getting severe neck pain and headaches about a couple years ago that have become more and more common
It became harder to pronounce words with certain sounds
I noticed that my jaw appeared slightly larger on one side, which lead my to notice that my teeth don't align and my jaw looks like it shifted.

There are probably more things, but like I said, its so gradual that I didn't notice many of these things until they became very hard to deal with.

I have an appointment with a new orthodontist in a week and I am very excited about that.

Once again I am so appreciative of all the people who have answered my questions and have given me advice regarding this situation.

It will be very interesting being in university with braces, never thought this day would come lol

Thanks for reading :)

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