Sunday, February 20, 2011

Finding temporary relief

So it has been about 5 days since I have taken any advil and it is so hard!!. My neck pain and headaches are reaching a peak. I will not give in! I will save my liver from the advil and I will find a better way to relieve the pain.

So today I got Thermacare heat wraps, and I also got a heating pad that you put into the microwave.
The heat wrap is adhesive. the directions say not to apply any pressure and to watch for overheating. I have had it on for around 50 minutes and it feels more like slight warmth, not heat. I actually just ended up placing the heating pad on top of it and it still does't feel that hot. I'm hoping the heat does something though because I have got to do an essay and right now I am seeing stars. the heat pad seems more promising, oh and btw, the adhesive on the heat wrap sucks, if you don't get it on right the first time, forget about it sticking at all.

So I ended up just wearing the heating pad thing with the adhesive and i wrapped a scarf around my neck to keep it on, yes this is the best I can do. BTW this is my fluffy bear

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  1. Dear Vero,

    I watched your video and listened to your story. I understand your situation and see it in my practice all the time. In my opinion, you have always had a significant airway problem. Looking at the width of your nostrils lets me know that you do not find nasal breathing easy. You have low rest tongue posture which caused your upper jaw to narrow and your teeth to crowd. The removal of four bicuspid teeth which you had as part of your ortho only made your tongue space less. Your jaws continued to "grow" because you continued to have low tongue posture and probably slept with your lips apart, as well. These changes will continue throughout your life unless you are able to develop proper rest oral posture. Your chances of being able to do that will go up exponentially if you have the upper extraction spaces opened as part of the surgical treatment plan. I currently have two patients in treatment who have had previous double jaw surgery to correct open-bites. The spaces were not opened prior to their surgery and they are both extremely unhappy. They are unhappy enough to fly to my office and have me reopen their spaces and prepare them for a second round of surgery. You don't want that to happen to you. Do it once and do it right.

    It is highly likely that your head and neck pain are closely related to your altered rest oral posture. You do not mention it, and I cannot see from the front view, but I strongly suspect that you have substantial forward head posture. This is not a recipe for comfort. The forward head posture is merely a compensation for you to breathe through your narrow airway. Anything which is done must improve your ability to breathe through your nose and have your tongue in your palate with your lips together at rest both night and day. Do you notice that you have low stamina when you do physical exercise? Best of luck. William M. Hang, D.D.S., M.S.D.