Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Double Jaw Surgery + Genioplasty + Wisdom teeth removal = FML

The moment I have been waiting for, this is the fate of my jaw.


  1. ohh wow I can completely empathise with how your feeling right now, I'm having the exact same surgery as you (apart from I'm not having the chin genioplasty thing, I think because I have a really 'prominant' chin so that wouldn't be needed..I'm not sure) and I'm at a similar stage with the whole process, I just got braces put on my bottom teeth, and I'm going to get the surgery probably some time next year!:)
    I have an open bite and an underbite too, but mine is A LOTTT more severe than yours!! You can't even tell that you have it, you're really beautiful, but you will look even more amazing after the surgery I know it!! so don't worry about that:) my chin is going to look smaller too, but for me that is the bit I'm probably most excited about, because my chin looks really out of proportion with the rest of my face at the moment, like it's really big
    I'm really similar to you with speaking too, like I find it sooo hard sometimes making my words sound clear it's SO frustrating. I can't wait for that to change:)
    and I have to have my wisdom teeth out toooo!! This summer:S all 4 of them..I don't think that's that big a deal though and it's all part of the journey to having the perfect smile!!
    I'm so excited about all this I just can't wait for it to all properly get going. I can't wait to see how everything turns out for you, It's so interesting seeing other people's experiences of this crazy journey! x

  2. Hey Rosa! You are beautiful! I understand how hard it must be having an underbite. I think people are more aware of underbites than open bites. I have a combination as my lower jaw does come out past my upper jaw. Unfortunately even though my bite looks less severe than an underbite, it is harder to treat. I've been given many limitations to the correction. I'm at a greater risk of relapse which means I will require speech therapy post surgery. I'm also not guaranteed to ever have a completely closed bite, or to ever have my lips completely close naturally. :( But some improvement is better than none :)
    You are gorgeous and I think that once you have the surgery, your chin will balance perfectly with your face. Sounds like we will be taking a very similar journey and at very similar times :) I'm very excited too and it's funny because like me you're probably not even scared of the fact you're getting surgery, just because of how much better it will make your bite. I followed your blog and I can't wait to see all your updates :)

  3. Hi..I must say that my situation is pretty much the same as yours, even I have the same strange thing of not having underbite in the front teeth but having a class III which is not very common...
    I was wondering if you know how much time of treatment will you have before surgery. I suppose you will need some orthdontist treatment isn't it true?
    My doctor told me for my case that I need a loong treatment before the surgery and that get me down...
    Ok. I continue following your updates.Cheers!