Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please welcome me to the brace face world!!!

I got my braces!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!
I couldn't believe it
I went in to finalize the plans and they actually got me in today for braces.
First off they feel really weird.
They don't really hurt.
The wire is heat activated so if I have pain I just eat something cold and it helps. They don't hurt really, I feel pressure but its no big deal if you've had the pain of having a bite issue. Anyway I got clear ceramics.
I can also do a price breakdown.
This is approximate:
  • Braces : $7000
  • Wisdom Teeth: $1300
  • Double jaw surgery + genioplasty: $3500
Please keep in mind that in Ontario and most of Canada from what I know, the surgical part in hospital is covered by provincial health care. OHIP is covering all my hospital fees. That is all a total of nearly $12 000 that I am paying. In the end it will be worth it to have a normal jaw.


  1. that is awesome! Congrats on getting them on they look amazing! I love the clear ones I wish I would have gotten them, but wow you look beautiful and Im so happy for you that they aren't hurting :) Have you been given an estimate of how long you'll have to have braces on?

  2. Wow you can't even tell you've got them!! The clear ones look great.. there allot more expensive then the metal ones hey?
    Its such a great feeling when you get them on because you know the ball is finally rolling..

  3. @ ♥ : Thanks so much:) I was told that it looks like it will be under 18 months if I can get the surgery booked soon enough. Because my teeth are already straight I can be surgery ready once my wisdom teeth are out and that part of the bone heals over, so around december.

    @ Rhianna: The clear ones were only $500 more for both top and bottom together, I was surprised they weren't a lot more. they also knocked off almost 500 for paying in full so its pretty much like they weren't any added expense which is awesome. I feel so weird now having them on lol. Still taking some getting used to.

  4. They look great! I love my ceramics but could only get them on the top. Great that your surgery is covered, it is here in Manitoba too :)

  5. Congrats! They look really nice on you! I have ceramics on top too! Do your teeth still feel fine now? Mine were sore the day after and for the next few days but it was bearable. I basically had the same course as you. Except I didn't have a genioplasty and I'll have to have one tooth pulled (root reabsorption) and two dental implants eventually (I'm missing a pre-molar that fell out years ago).

  6. @ bracedmom: Thank you. the ceramics are great. I was so happy I could get them. Isn't it amazing living in Canada! I can't believe how much people in the states pay for this surgery.

    @Canadianfan04: My teeth were really sore the first night, its still super hard to chew so I've been having liquids and really soft stuff for now. Aw I wish I still had my premolars, my last orthodontist pulled them out yet he didn't really fix any of my problems :s lol I'm so glad I found a great ortho and surgeon.
    Is Dr. Caminiti doing your implants? You went to him right? I really like him, he seems like he really knows his stuff. He's going to be removing my wisdom teeth next month.

  7. Ya he's going to do my implants too. It probably won't be for at least 4-6months from now though, I'll have to ask when I see him again in 2 weeks.
    I had my wisdom teeth removed by a different oral surgeon just because he was down the street from my house, Dr. C's office is just over an hour away for me.
    Ya he's great. He's so patient and informative. He came to see me in the hospital the day after my surgery at 7am, which is really nice. I'm a nurse and a lot of the surgeons don't see their patients again until their first follow-up appointments.

  8. Hi, I saw your post on youtube. Im 33 and I live in Hollywood, CA. I have had an open bite my entire life. I had braces when I was about 13. It totally corrected the problem, that is, until they took the braces off too soon in my opinion. They didnt provide a way for tooth retention and the open bite opened up again. I have just dealt with it all these years. I want to get something done, I just have not done anything yet. You look amazing and I hope everything happens perfectly for you.


  9. @ Jen : thank you so much, I have to admit, the clear ones are 100 times more attractive than my last pair which were metal.

    @ Michael: I had the same issue, my bite looked alright after braces but my jaw continued to grow and my open bite came back, my bottom jaw also came outward. You might have a tongue thrust that is causing the problem as well. I have been working on that since I don't want to relapse after surgery. Having surgery is a huge decision but I figure the older I get the more excuses I will come up with, can't wait to get it done! The best thing to do is just go for a consultation. Once I had found a new orthodontist everything came together so fast. archwired has a great forum if you go a google search, you might even be able to talk to people in your area who suggest certain surgeons or orthodontists. Goodluck and know that there is a great community of people going through this who would be more than happy to talk about it with you.

  10. You got your braces!! OMG they look great! You can barely even see them!Yay!

  11. Thank you!! I'm very excited to finally have them. I've started to get pretty used to them, its been about 2 weeks now.