Sunday, April 10, 2011

Emergency Piss off blog

Ahhhh So I'm in the middle of exams, and I've been studying pretty much most of the day everyday. Anyway thats not the point, the point is my jaw is killing me!! The pain is beyond annoying. Ever since I stopped taking painkillers a few months ago it has been hell. I have been spending, on average, 2-3 hours a night trying to fall asleep. The pain is the worst at night, probably from talking all day and doing things that use my jaw, like eating. Well anyway, this term has not been fun with this jaw pain. I noticed something strange recently while I've been going through all this jaw stuff. On my right side, you can see how far out the bottom jaw comes, yet on the left side its not out nearly as far. I don't know if other people have this same issue, its very weird looking lol. Anyway the right side is where I get all the pain, I'm not sure if thats why.
Anyway yeah thats whats up. As I write this I can't explain the pain my jaw is in. I feel it spreading through my head and neck. I have an exam in less than 8 hours, I still have't slept at all, and I pray to God that I won't wake up feeling any worse, if I do get around to going to bed.
The End.

P.S. I apologize to everyone who has up until now thought my name was Vero. Its Terra. It's a long story that I will explain at a later time, involving travel, and foreign people not being able to pronounce Terra, they looked like they were in pain every time they tried saying it. So yes I used Vero. I don't know why I had it on this blog, this account is old. Anyway yes so hello world, I am Terra :)
I promise this is the end, goodnight, or morning or whatever time it may be.


  1. So sorry about your pain. Does your pain increase when you feel stressed out? I had this problem when I was studying. My jaw pain increased during times of pressure. I could not relaxe my jaw and face muscles, which is difficult without stress, but even more difficult when you are stressed out. Good luck with the exam.

  2. I think when I'm stressed it gets in the way more. For the past year the pain has been pretty much constant. It used to happen only when I was stressed but now it's been everyday. I do remember only getting the neck pain when I was stressed in the past but I guess its been getting worse as time progresses. Thanks a lot :)

  3. Hi !

    I'm Régis. I'm french !
    Sorry, I'm not fluent in english but I try to follow your blog.
    I find your teeth already beautiful, already straight. And, so white !!!
    But, do you think that your orthodontic treatment is really important ?
    By the way, do you have some filling teeth ?

    Thanks for your answer !