Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally some progress

Hey guys,

I'm really not the kind of person to bug and bug, but after having my surgery date set all the way in october and not having surgery in the spring this year like I was promised so many times I realized that if I don't stay on top of things my October date might not even happen.

I've been in braces for about 13 months or so, and I've had braces in the past so there was very little work needed with the braces.

Anyway, I called my surgeons office on Monday, and I spoke with someone who said she would talked to Dr C on tuesday and contact me about what we could do to make sure that I'm actually ready in October.

I called asking if there was any way I could be sure that Dr C is happy with my progress and that he actually believes that from his experience I will be ready for October. My orthodontist doesn't really treat my case as being special at all, he comes over, takes a look, tells me that we can't do anything yet, bends some wires and says see you next time. I've already felt like a nag for all my year long bugging of what I'd get a surgery date. I know the process is slow and that it's unpredictable, but I'm missing half my school year now because of this, and I'm not getting any younger, I want to graduate and start my life!

Because my surgery date is so unknown I only took one course this summer in the case that I get a date in the summer and get to have the surgery earlier as they said could very well happen. As time passes this probably won't happen. But right now I just want to know that October will happen.

Also, tell me if this is normal, but my orthodontist has never done moulds, ever on me.
My surgeons office has now requested moulds and when I called my orthos office the woman was like well we need to contact Dr C, and I'm like "Well he's sending you a letter too" and she's like "well we're going to call him"

My family has been like well maybe now that they have your money they don't really care anymore.
My ortho was paid in full before the braces were even put on, while my surgeon has been paid a deposit which is half the total cost of surgery fees.

In Ontario OHIP covers in hospital, but the planning is not covered, or the braces. So far over $10 000 has gone into my jaw, not including all the money spent years ago for compensating my bite and having pre molars removed.

Oh I also forgot to mention that I need gum grafting. For some reason after having the braces on my lower gums have ceased to exist, I have no gum left on one of my teeth and it's really painful to brush and floss, although I do still do it to try to prevent bacteria. I don't really have a problem with the gum grafting, as long as they can fix it I'm pretty happy, and I know my surgeon does good work so that makes me feel safe.

Sorry this post is sooooo long.
Point is that I bugged my surgeon and now he wants moulds and he is sending a letter to my ortho with what he needs. YAY!!!!

Thank you to all the bloggers and to my boyfriend who pushed me to get on their case about this stuff.
It just feels good to know that something is being done and that I don't have to wait nervously and then not be surgery ready.
Thanks guys !!!



  1. The most important thing to remember is they are working for YOU! I don't blame you for wanting a nod of approval now from your surgeon, considering your OD's history. This whole process seems to be a balance between patience and not wasting time. I haven't had any molds taken yet. My surgeon has only seen pictures and xrays. However, when I called the surgeon's office recently to try to schedule surgery the receptionist asked if I had taken molds already. More to be revealed after I get my insurance approval letter... It would be great if we were around the same time, but (of course) I am not counting on any date until I'm actually on the gurney being wheeled into the OR.

    1. I'd love for our surgeries to be around the same time, It'll be so good to have someone to relate to.
      Isn't it weird how the process starts out so slow but once you're surgery ready you start to find out all these things that they should be doing, like the study models. Some people get them done all the time, and then there is us, lol. My old orthodontist used to do them more often and I wasn't even having surgery back then.

  2. Hi Terra,
    The gum recession in adult ortho is somewhat common. My lower incisors were crowded and crooked. Instead of the ortho having teeth pulled he straightened the teeth and leaned them too far forward to compensate for my overjet. Now I have bad recession on one of my lower front incisors. It makes me pretty mad, seeing I had a Periodontist attempt to fix it while in treatment but none the less it failed. I hope this won't be the case for you? Which teeth are your gums receeding on?

    1. I think its the same tooth. It's the very front two, but one side is much worse. I'm trying so hard to take care of it so it doesn't get worse but it's still becoming more recessive.
      I'm glad though to hear that it's not just some freakish thing with my gums and it actually is more common for adults. Within the last few months I've lost a lot of gums and it's become painful. I'll have to keep my fingers crossed that we can get this problem fixed.

  3. Hey Terra,
    It does seem odd to me that you have gone is far without getting any moulds taken. My orthodontist did moulds almost every time I went in for an appointment in the year before my surgery. I would say that I had at least 15-20 moulds taken before my surgery. They suck at first but eventually you get used to them any they don't bother you as much. My ortho always said that they helped her make sure that she was doing what needed to be done so that my jaws were lined up for surgery, because she could move the models any which way, which she obviously could not do to my face. And then at my pre surgical appointment the week before my surgery my surgeon took his own set of moulds so he could do the mock surgery on them. So I would definitely get on your ortho and make sure that he is doing everything he can to get you ready for surgery maybe he doesn't need the moulds like mine did but they could be helpful?

    Good luck! I hope everything happens faster than they have planned for you!

    1. Oh wow!!
      See that sounds right. I was actually shocked when my ortho put my braces on without taking moulds. I remember from my teen years that moulds were a normal part of braces and watching the progress but my ortho just took a couple xrays and called it a day.
      At this point It's been halfway to my surgery since my surgeon suggested changes and my bite hasn't changed at all. I'm really hoping the moulds help them get it right.

      That probably explains why you have such a beautiful smile. It sounds like your team was really on top of things and did their best to have you in perfect form for surgery. Thanks for letting me know about that.

  4. Terra do not feel bad for nagging! You need to nag sometimes:)
    also, I think I might have gum recession on my lower teeth too! I noticed the other day that the gums are now really far down and my bottom teeth look wierdly long:S oh god but hopefully they'll be able to sort that out after surgery
    I hope your orthodontist people start getting their acts together sooon! xxox

    1. Rosa!! your surgery is so close!!!
      Thats how it was for me, I looked at my gums one day and was like where did they go?
      Pauline said the same thing happened to her. I think all the movement probably isn't the best thing for our gums.

  5. I completely understand your frustration, I feel like we're in very similar positions! And I'm close to nagging them about my next appointment too, I'm meant to be getting my next app to see my surgeon in the post, but if it doesn't come by the end of this week I'm going to ring them up and nag them!