Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Advice please

Dear bloggers,
I am resorting to you because I feel like I have found friendships here and I need a friend right now.
I hate that it comes to this, me posting my problems on my jaw surgery blog, but unfortunately no one is available to talk to and I don't know what to do.
I've been in a relationship for going on three years if you include the time broken up.
Anyway we had some really hard times, and we both hold things against each other.
I love this guy to death but I need to ask, is it possible to put the past away and move on from this?
Right now we arent on the best of terms because I did open up the bag of worms and wanted to really look over our whole relationship, all the things that stand in the way and ask in the long run if we will be okay. He told me that he doesn't know, he feels cold feet towards it all because of all the stuff we've been through. Yet we are still together, but why?
(no one cheated or anything like that)
I'm scared but I tell myself, if this person doubts me, why am I with them, if they don't care when I cry, why am I with them. I love him to death, but the reality of this scares me.
Its broken my heart so many times and I let him back in, how do I know I'm doing the right thing?


  1. Terra,
    I just noticed your profile says, "Diamonds on the inside" Relationships can be our greatest teachers. What have you learned in the past 3 years from the ups and downs? Identify those places of growth, and offer gratitude that this person came into your life at this time to help you learn, although it has been difficult and frustrating. Offering gratitude changes how you hold the energy of this relationship inside.

    How do we treat a fine diamond? Do we toss it around, allow dirt and grit to tarnish the light? NO, we wipe off the tears that make it cloudy. We keep it clean, and treat it as a valuable. You don't offer your diamond to someone who can't appreciate its fine beauty and inner light. You my dear are as a fine diamond. Embody that from the inside out, and carry the same confidence in your soul, that you would if you were wearing 7 carats on your finger! You are beautiful, rise up and claim that.

    I am not suggesting you break up, but show up in your life with a different level of brilliance. See if he shows up to nurture the shining diamond that you are!

    Carpe Diem ~ Seize the Day!!

  2. I love what tresa commented:) I completely agree with it, just know that you are special terra!
    I hope you feel better sooon, I'm sure it will all work out xoxoxx

  3. Tresa you are amazing. I see you have the messages from the universe on your blog too. I get them emailed to me everyday. I also have a day to day calendar with messages about gratitude. I've been trying to change the way i think and act and live with more gratitude. It's really true that when you do that, everything seems to make more sense and goes a lot easier.
    In the relationship department, I love this guy to death but he was so used to having me at my best, very confident and happy. With jaw surgery and a lot of changes in my life I started to lose my identity and lose that self esteem.
    Thank you so much for your kind words :)