Wednesday, April 18, 2012

DAY 1: workout and fitness plan

Hey guys,

I said I would keep you all posted on my workout plan once I was done my exams.
Well I'm done and I'm not going to make any excuses.
I want to be healthier and in better shape and today is the day I'm doing it!!

So first off, I have to admit I work up this morning and did not at all feel like working out. I slept for 13 hours. YES 13 hours!!! I didn't realize how tired I actually was. I woke up at 1pm and thought I was seeing things when I saw the clock.

I had pretty much zero sleep the night before. I was up almost all night studying and then tried to sleep for an hour or two but that didn't really happen. I got up, got dressed and went to school early to write my exam. After that I headed to the hospital to see my grandmother and give my aunt a break who was there overnight with her. Since my grandma, or Nonna as I call her, has Alzheimer's disease, she can't be left alone in the hospital, so someone always needs to be in the room with her. Anyway I headed over there and luckily her sister came to keep company as well. We stayed there all day and on the good side my Nonna was doing really good. We got her to eat a bit, and she hasn't been eating, she moved a little more, and she was just acting more like herself. Anyway really good news is that her tests all came back and they couldn't find anything seriously wrong so she got to come home today! YAY
Oh and my fish no longer has swim bladder. I had to put her on a diet of peas, and it worked, she's the crazy little fish I remember.

Nonna wearing my sunglasses because she didn't like the lights in the hospital.

Anyway aside from all that, I didn't start out with the best diet today because there was nothing healthy in my house, so I took the dogs to the park, came back and went shopping.
This is pretty much what I ate today.

  • Kashi crackers with hummus (15 maybe)
  • Guacamole Tortilla chips (10)
  • Ensure high protein
  • Banana
  • Other fruits
  • 5 walnuts
  • Ice coffee
Yeah that totally doesn't sound like a proper diet. But by the time I got home, I cleaned out the fridge and get ready to go running. I usually do about 10 km but I didn't go that far, probably cut 3 km off because it was getting dark and it was freezing. I have a thing where I hate having my legs hot when I work out, so I was wearing shorts, and a t-shirt with a zip up sweater. When I left my house I swear I didn't think I would warm up at all. I ran maybe 2km before I wasn't freezing anymore. I was going to do the full 10 km but I didn't because the sun was so close to the horizon and I live in a big city with lots of weirdos, I don't need to be running in the dark on a dark trail. Anyway I ran and came back to a big class of lemon water. 

I took a couple hours to clean my room and settle down, then I did one of the bodyrock workouts. I swear I thought I was going to die at some points but I just kept going. It's 1000 reps and although I could have modified I just did it. Heres the thing, you want to get in shape, you aren't going to get in shape by being easy on yourself. If you are going to run 10km, run the damn 10km, don't cry over not being able to run fast enough, and if you have to walk for a bit just do it, just make sure that however long it takes, you do the 10km. Same thing for these workouts. There were parts of the bodyrock workout where I was like f*this after 10 reps, but I would breathe for a few seconds and keep going, maybe slowly, but I did the 50 reps required for each exercise. 

I have been in great shape many time. I have been in crap shape many times too. It's all up to you, you have to power to be as amazing as you imagine. 

A little history here. Keep in mind that I'm short. 5'1. 
When I was in grade 8, probably 13, I was pretty heavy, 120lbs, maybe a little more. 
This doesn't sound like a lot, but when you are as short as me with a super tiny bone structure, and you have no muscle mass, you just look blubbery. I was eating a lot of crap, and I didn't exercise. 
When I started high school I wanted to be a different person, I didn't want to relive my childhood, hating the way I looked. The summer before high school, I started watching what I ate, I probably dropped 10lbs but I started to feel really good. When highschool came around I had my entire diet changed. I was so strict with myself I still remember what I ate. Breakfast would be cereal. Then lunch was either a protein bar or a sandwich. For dinner I would try to keep it healthy, usually salads and things like that. 
Anyway over the year I dropped even more weight. Before summer I was under 100lbs. At my lowest I was probably 80lbs but that id another story for another day. I was working out a lot. I did yoga everyday, and just had a whole routine, I probably worked out for 4 hours a day. 
I am in no way saying that isn't extreme, and its not over doing it. What I am saying is that I was that fat kid. I was that totally out of shape lazy ass person who ate crap all the time. And if I can change that, anyone can change that!!

Well for my workout routine for today, here it is:
My yoga routine is from a book I have had forever. I mean literally this thing is ancient. My dad gave it to me about 13 years ago. Actually I found it and I linked it above, its the exact book I have. I can't stress enough, yoga works!!! You will feel amazing. I just don't think it's enough on its own to get you strong. 

I am not a personal trainer, or a nutritionalist. But this is what works for me.
I kept telling myself, "after jaw surgery I'll work out, and I'll get in shape because it will be a new beginning" You know what, today is my new beginning. If I wait around for jaw surgery to be the person I want to be I'm just going to disappoint myself. I don't care if I have braces, I want a strong lean body that I can be proud of. 

P.s. You guys are all so amazing, thank you so much for all your support. I really feel blessed to have met so many amazing people on this journey. Stay strong, and things will always get better :)

Lots of love

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  1. I know what you mean about putting your life on hold until after surgery, I'm always like 'once my braces are off I'll do this', but I think I'll be waiting forever to do anything at this rate!