Sunday, April 15, 2012


Hey guys,

I swear I need time off!!!!
I've been in school for the last two years straight, including summer!!!
I have my last exam on tuesday and then i have a couple weeks before summer term :(
I felt like I could really handle all the stressors in my life, but this last year has been really hard.
Jaw surgery took a toll on me. I became really insecure about my face and I had a really hard time dealing with the changes.

My bite is still changing every day. Right now I have no contact on the right side, at all!! Not even the molars! How this is possible? I have no idea. It's making me grind more though and my jaw is killing me!!!
The left side is looking nice but thats probably from the elastics that are moving everything.

I'll post pictures and a video in a few days. I didn't really think there was a change but my boyfriend informed me today that my teeth are all angled outwards again, sort of like they were before the braces. This is good news, means they are probably aligned with the bones and thats what my surgeon wants.

This week has been a week from hell, yet again.
My fish got swim bladder and has been floating around like a little balloon. fortunately she is getting better. It's apparently common in bettas. My grandmother had to go to the ER last night, shes still in the hospital right now. I felt horrible because I've always been there every time shes in the hospital, but I had an exam today and I have another exam in another day with tons of stuff to cover. Shes not alone, but I just like to be there with her. hopefully she can come home soon.
this has all just been stress and more stress.
Everyone keep their fingers crossed that I do good on this final and that hopefully things go back to normal around here.

So grateful for you amazing bloggers!!


  1. STREET FIGHTER your in the final stretch of this semester and you will do amazing!! The upside is that you'll have a few weeks for yourself to to do whatever you need to. Im sorry to hear about your grandma, keep me posted, I hope her condition improves soon.
    Got my fingers crossed for you

  2. You have a lot on your plate at the moment but you seem like a strong person who can deal with the things that life throws at you. As much as I love hearing the good things in your life, I'm always grateful that we can be so open on this website and if something I say to you can cheer you up I'm happy. You have been an absolutely wonderful support in my journey and I just wanted to say thank you personally.

    I hope everything rights itself, and you can enjoy the months ahead. I hope your Grandma feels better soon, and not forgetting, the little fishy too.