Friday, July 27, 2012

And here is the lineup... drum roll please

Well I just got off the phone with my surgeons office and I think I have things sorted out:

  • Sept 10: physical and blood work with my family doctor 
  • Sept ?: Dentist Appointment for cleaning
  • Sept ?: Surgical hooks from my orthodontist
  • Sept 24: Pre surgical appointment with my surgeon
  • October 5: Surgery Day
  • Oct 9: My birthday 
  • Oct 11: Post surgery appointment with surgeon
I'll call my dentist and sort things out with the ortho next time I go in. 

So I've also decided on what to do this coming year. 
I will be spending December in Australia. I got the okay for vacation from my surgeons office. 
Dani I will let you know if I'm flying through LA once I get my ticket booked. 

I won't be going on exchange since it will eat up two of my terms and I'm also losing a term for surgery. I won't be able to take any of my accounting courses overseas and will be held back a year. I might do an internship in Australia after graduating. 

I'll be busy at my uni regardless when I get back. Taking a full course load of advance courses and I will be tutoring astronomy once again this year for the natural science department. I will also be a peer advisor for my affiliated college which should be fun. I'm trying to get as much volunteer experience as I can to help assist me in finding a job once I graduate. 

I'll  post some pics so you guys can see the state of my face lol.

Horrible picture but you can see the bit of vertical overgrowth in the upper jaw. It's not very much as my bone is shorter in this region than a lot of people with similar jaw issues, but my surgeon is going to try to maintain most of this bone to keep my face length from being too short. 

My vertically growing lower jaw. I think this side is larger than the other side. You can also see the slight concave under my nose. 

But I still manage to hide my jaw issues in most pictures lol


  1. You'll have to let me know if you end up coming through LA! Would love to meet up and exchange stories. I responded to your post on jawsurgeryblog but don't know if you saw it. I'm still all set for surgery on October 5th. I feel like it'll be here before I know it :)

    1. Looks like I'll probably be going through LA. I've been finding a lot of flights with decent spot overs so I can get to meet all you guys from LA. We for sure need to have a jaw surgery meet up.

  2. Hi Tara - I've been following your progress from Australia. It would be great to catch-up for a coffee and a chat about your experiences once /if you decide to visit the 'land down under'. I'm in Melbourne and I'd be happy to show you around.

    1. that would be so great!!
      I might be visiting melbourne for a few days while I am in Aus. I'll be staying in Sydney but I do have family closer to melbourne as well so I'll post the final details of where I'll be once I figure it out.

  3. You look great Tara! Hope your Summer has been going well!

  4. Were you given any time estimate as to how long after the surgery until you can get your braces off completely?

    1. I was told around 6 months. It can vary but 6 months seems to be the norm unless there are issues, then it would be longer. I think thats the time it takes for the bones to totally reform.