Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Hi friends,

I realized I haven't updated in a bit and I've been falling off the map.
Life has this way of always keeping you on your toes.
It's been a stressful little while. My cat got sick about a week or two ago, she lost her meow and she had a really bad eye infection. As she is a senior and I've had her since childhood I was worried for her.  Good thing is she is doing much better now, and meowing like a champ. She was also found today hiding out in my newly planted flower bed trying to blend in with the flowers while watching the birds.
Princess Patty is back to her sneaky cat ways.
On the weekend we were in the garden and there was a bird just sitting on the ground and when we went up to it it didn't move. It was alive but just sitting there. We put an old sheet in a box and put it in there so the cat or some other animal wouldn't go eat it. It passed away later that night. We think it was an older bird as it was pretty large for its breed and it was very dull in colour. Poor baby.

You would think that was enough but now my fish is sick.
She's had stomach issues since I got her. I even went out and got her a large tank with a filter after the first couple weeks. The fish itself is very tiny, a female betta. She's usually very active but she started to hide on monday and her stomach is very swollen, her fins are also sticking up which is referred to as dropsy and is usually related to fatal fish diseases.
I really hope the little girl gets better. I did a 100% water change on her tank but ended up putting some of her old water back in. I cleaned out her gravel and I got her a better water conditioner, also get her better food. The people at the fish store keep advising me to do different things but online it says having clean water is important. Her water is never dirty and I only feed her once a day so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I feel awful about her. There is fish medication but I was advised to wait. If it looks any worse by tomorrow or friday I'll start her on medication. Yes you're probably thinking all this for one little fish? But she's a lovely little fish.
Wish her luck.

Other than that I have had some movement, my open bite is back but only about 2mm which is still 2mm short of surgery. sometimes I feel excited but more of the time I just don't care anymore. I had that excited feeling the first year in braces and then I just felt sort of sad that everything is so uncertain.
My orthodontist suggested a speech pathologist but I can't get through to her. My surgeons office was suppose to arrange my surgery stuff but never called me back. The motivation isn't there anymore.

I'll try to take pictures soon to update.

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  1. What does your surgeon want a Speech therapist to help you with? I am a speech therapist, so let me know if you have any questions.