Thursday, July 5, 2012

More setbacks. Will this surgery even happen?


Went to the ortho today. Second time going in for this adjustment. Turns out they need to remove all my bottom brackets and move them. They didn't have time today so I'm going in on monday. Right now I have clear elastics and I'll let you guys know how they discolour.

Starting to really think this surgery isn't going to happen in the fall. My bite closed more. It's at 1mm right now for some reason. My surgeon needs 4 mm and it's continued to close even with all the changes my ortho is making. I don't know why this is happening but I'm not going to make any big plans for this fall since my surgery may very well not happen. I really want to go to australia this year either way so I'm hoping I get an answer soon so I can book my flight.

Thanks everyone for being so supportive. I originally wanted to write a very upset and angry post but decided not to because it's not going to change anything.

My ortho also tried to talk me out of surgery after all this. He said that it would be easy to get the bite a bit better with just braces. It's like he forgot that i'm not having this surgery to look good. I want to not grind, and not have tmj pain, and have room for my tongue, and be able to breathe through my nose.
Okay I'm starting to get upset again. I'll try to post a video soon.


  1. Terra, it sounds like you and your orthodontist just aren't on the same page. I can't imagine how frustrating this must be. I know you've paid in full, but have you looked into transferring to another ortho in the same office? Maybe the office can work out the financials. I hope that bite starts opening up and you get some good news soon!

    1. thats exactly what it feels like. I would honestly be willing to pay to transfer to a new ortho just so I know that I'll be ready for surgery and so i feel confident in my ortho. My family was saying that it's too bad we paid in full but hopefully theres something we can do to work out the difference.

  2. Hi Terra, I can't believe he started trying to talk you out of surgery! That's crazy! I feel like I'm in a similar position to you, I'm having so many set backs just in terms of waiting for appointments. I was expecting to have surgery this summer, and now it looks like it won't be until the end of the year at the earliest. This is all soooo frustrating, and as much as I shouldn't let it hold me back, I just feel like I can't get on with my life until this is all over.