Tuesday, July 3, 2012



  1. Good update! That was interesting what you said about the jaw movement and how they move the top jaw around rather than the bottom. I think thats what they are doing with mine is removing a bone and then moving it forward. Hang in there, I just got my first bad news as well. These guys are so non nonchalant about everything sometimes its frustrating.

  2. Hi. I did not understand fully your video (english is not my native tongue and some kind of lisp because of the malocclusion complicates more the stuff), but I felt as you aren't so convinced and excited about the proccedure as you were before. Let me tell you one thing.
    I have a malocclusion pretty similar as yours, but even more complicated. I know that I probably have no other option to get surgery (last year I had a SARPE to fix cross bite, and is supossed to have bimaxilar surgery next oct/november), but still in my case I'm dubitative about have or not this big stuff. You know, It is a pretty invasive proccedure, and they let a lot of metal pieces in your mouth that then are difficult to be removed.
    So, what I wanted to tell you is that maybe, there exist another solution to your malocclusion. Obviously, you as me, are in the "middle of the bridge" and sound weird to talk about hande another options non surgical. But, only for your information, I will give you the titles (if you're interested just check out in google) of some things that I've researched trying to see if I had another option than surgical -although in my case, that is several than yours, probably don't work. So, here I go: "microscrew anchorage in skeletal anterior open bite treatment"; "dentosophie"; "Michel montaud"; "Maurizio Formia" - "occlusionegravita", "kinesiología odontológica". There exist people in the world that work and fix problems as yours without surgery and with really good outcomes.
    Any question just feel free to ask me.
    Please, I don't want to interfere your stuff at all. Simply I'm sharing what I researched in this time for my case, which is, as I told you pretty similar as yours. In my case is almost sure I will finally go by the surgical approach, but still thinking a bit and meditating what is the best option.
    So, sorry by the wall text, and best of luck. All is gonna be superb, stay sure about that.