Monday, July 9, 2012


Okay I recorded a video but because they take forever to upload I'll do it tomorrow.
I went back to the ortho today and here is what's going on.

I had the bottom brackets changed. They are now at the top edge of my teeth. Literally right at the end. I have no idea how my bite is going to close with surgery with these huge brackets this far up but my ortho says it will get my bite open. I feel a lot of pressure which is really good.

Unfortunately I'm back in elastics, ughhh I hate these things.

My ortho answered a lot of questions today and explain my jaws, and what we want with surgery.

Sorry I'm half asleep right now. Spent way too much time on wow which probably explains why I didn't upload the video. Anyway then my cat got sick. She lost her meow so I had to get her to the vet.
My ortho says this should get my bite to 4mm open. apparently i'm one of those 1/100 cases (last I heard I was 1/10) where I'm very persistent with the surgery, but it's complicated as hell to figure out my bite. Most people would just surrender, but I didn't get this far to spend my life with stupid jaws that don't fit and a lot of pain.

My ortho strongly believes we will still be ready for october, so looks like I'll be having an extended summer.

I'd love to know, those of you who are in uni or college, what was it like going back to school after surgery? I probably wouldn't take the time off, but being in a business program, specializing in accounting and having all advance courses left I figure its better to take the time off. I'm working towards my CA so I want my grades to be competitive. I think I might try to volunteer though doing peer advising and tutoring for the science department again. I can never get too far away from school.

Oh and I left the ortho realizing I have clear elastics on top and silver on the bottom. I pray that these elastics don't discolour and leave me looking gross for the summer.


  1. Hey Terra. I am in college and I went back a little under 4 weeks after my surgery. I was still puffy but it wasn't terrible. I was not able to chew still so eating in front of people was difficult. I usually waited until I was back in my apartment with a mirror in front of me to eat with my syringe and/or baby spoon. It is hard because you do get tired easily but if you take it slow you should be okay. How long are you taking off of school?

  2. I was supposed to have double jaw surgery this August, but guess what? I've been postponed until whoknowswhen because my ortho said my upper jaw seems too weak for surgery. December 2012 is completely full for surgery, so I'm looking for reading week in February 2013... My ortho tells me some patients are fine after 1 week, but it seems I'm never part of the majority, lol. Good luck with everything Terra!!

    Keep us updated about going to school + having surgery. I really need to know what to do because there's no way to catch-up in my program!